Dating a legally separated man

It was a great morning, my day was full of endless possibilities. On this day, his wife, or She, asked him in a rhetorical manner, if he saw me today, because it was the day before Valentine's Day.It was a breezy summer morning and nothing was going to bring me down. I was getting suspicious that maybe he was with someone, but he always denied it. I am always super careful about sending him pics, texts, etc. We were told that this day is my day with him, because a married man would be with his wife on the actual holiday... I always disliked girls that involved themselves with men who were in relationships/ I am.In a loveless marriage with small children, the kids become more of a silver lining and the focus of all the reasons to deal with the unhappiness of no sex and conversation that only revolves around household duties (“did you pay the light bill?”, “Johnny has band practice tomorrow, can you pick him up? Often the fear of what others will think will not let him do it, as the man does not want to become the “bad guy” in their eyes as the daddy who left in their early years.Eventually, we ended up playing online cards together every night. I do not, in my life, want to have a relationship with THIS man in any sort of capacity. The cycle of the love affair with a married man almost always ends in broken hearts, hurt, and wasted time.After they meet and exchange conversation, he realizes what he has been missing at home and decides to pursue his happiness with her on the side.However, filling the void may backfire on him, as the relationship may escalate from occasional lunches during work hours or early dinners disguised as “working late”, to the more intimate texting and instant messages all night long.

I was in a long term relationship when we met..I was drawn to him.met him two years ago in a beautiful place in Bali when he approached me asking for my picture. Then afterwards we still communicate until now I am pursuing my bachelor degree. I am at point in my life that I feel I am not really ready for a LTR, I have tried but it doesn't seem to work... The thing is, is he spends very little time with me. I know he isn't leaving his family for me nor do I want him too... but theres something there....does not love his wife verbally and physically abusive to him....makes him pay rent like he is a lodger ...sleep in separate rooms big deal but i am sure she knows hes seeing me its been nine months .....people... I am married but I found a woman who struck chords. I want him where he is happiest and he is happiest married to his wife. I'm feeling sad and lonely right now, but know that it was the right thing to do. When he fell in love with me he told me he had never felt that way for any woman before, that's including his wife.... Just would like to hear others stories about how hard this is..though I know I shouldn't be doing it. " Still groggy I was completely at a loss for what he was talking about. He said he was separated from his wife 5 years ago when we were only work colleagues. he said he never felt the way with me with anyone before; he loves me and is in love with me, want me to be in his life; wants me to be... eventhough it was always me that wanted to end it because i mean everything thats said about dating a married man is negative. I want to take his pain away, make his life better. His wife hated me for years which I guess made it easier. He has never promised me that he would leave his wife..are very realistic with each other. for the past 2 years and is currently waiting to be served the divorce papers. "To meet her, we are going to Ihop and we'll meet you there. Nobody wants to be in a relationship that doesn’t grow.Building a life with someone with constant progression and growth is necessary for a healthy relationship.

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