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Even for us civilians, working together has become the second-most popular way to meet a lover (jointly with online dating; first place goes to “through friends”). Leave the lovey-dovey stuff at home You’re paid to do a job, not to make goo-goo eyes over the computer monitors.

But is it wise to hook up when you share a boss and a canteen? It’s a minefield, but tread carefully and you can make it work. Bosses tend to frown upon workmate relationships, not because they’re heartless tyrants, but because your flirting can embarrass and irritate your colleagues.

Another day, another rumour that workmates Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have mistaken the Twilight set for the back of the bike sheds.

“They’re like a couple of love-struck teenagers,” says a source. Co-stars are always getting it on, thanks to their outrageous prettiness and the long hours they spend together on set.

Telling your partner after just a few months of dating that you sense you’ll be together always may seem like a harmless statement that expresses the depths of your love.

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And remember: it’s not your responsibility to take care of the weak and wounded at the expense of your own happiness.

But, by using these dating tips specifically created for empaths, you can find a relationship that provides you with the chance to give endless love and compassion — and receive the same in return.

Don’t rush the relationship: Like many empaths, you probably have an overwhelming desire to merge with your partner, body and soul, and it’s tempting to fantasize about the incredible intimacy you’ll share.

Empaths often suffer from a fear of losing those they love.

However, making statements like ‘I’ll never leave you’ or ‘I just can’t live without you’ in order to create an indestructible attachment just does more harm than good.

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