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The ex-Spice Girl, 42, was said to be “mortified” yesterday after losing a battle to get the German au pair’s Los Angeles libel action thrown out.

She will have to give depositions on camera about her sex life before testifying to back up her claim that the hubby she is divorcing got Lorraine Gilles pregnant. Lorraine’s lawyers have got total licence to grill her.

Taser says Dextro’s expertise in artificial intelligence and its software will first be used to help police cope with growing mountains of recorded video: Algorithms that can detect objects and scenes in videos can automatically tag and flag footage for evidence collection, or help blur faces so that footage can be disclosed to the public.

But applying these tools to already-recorded footage is only the beginning, says Smith.

S.’s adult population—117 million people, many of them people who have never committed a crime—have already been captured in a searchable federal, state, or local database. may pose serious risks to public privacy.” It urged agencies that explore these technologies to “proceed very cautiously.”Taser, known for its stun guns and increasingly, its dominance of the body camera market, initially raised the idea of cameras that can recognize suspects in 2009.

Among those concerned about the implications are the Justice Department, which in 2014 warned that combining cameras with “facial recognition systems and other new technologies like live feed and auto recording . Last month, the company took another step in that direction when it announced it had acquired Dextro, a New York City-based machine vision startup.

And “real-time analytics are going to be interesting.”A terror attack like Paris would be one case where live streaming and real-time video analytics could prove helpful, says Smith.And could that footage be automatically analyzed for anomalies, behaviors, and faces–sort of like Robo Cop?As it turned out, Taser teams back in Scottsdale, Arizona, and Seattle, Washington had already begun to tackle those questions.“We can’t expect an officer to not get that alert if there’s official information on this guy.”Smith has commandeered an exploding market for police body cameras, ignited by a renewed demand for accountability in police-community relations. S.’s 18,000 police agencies are thought to be using the devices, which have been hailed by both police and civil-rights advocates as an impartial window into controversial interactions, and as a tool to help prevent violent encounters.In the wake of Ferguson, President Obama’s Justice Dept.

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