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The resources of the company were exhausted so rapidly that very soon there was difficulty in paying the employees.

June 1897, nearly a hundred laborers working five miles south of Fairmount went on a strike because they had not been paid for three weeks and mobbed the foreman.

In March, 1900, the Panhandle at Anderson refused to permit the traction company to cross its Belt line at Anderson.

A switch was built across Arrow Avenue by the steam line, cars were placed on it and the point of the switch was torn out.

The approaching financial depression and the campaign of 1896 delayed the plans again.

Finally September 3, 1897, the Union Traction company (0,000) was incorporated by Philip Matter.

Inter-Action : programme de financement du multiculturalisme favorise l’intégration socioéconomique des personnes et des collectivités et les aide à contribuer à la création d’une société intégrée et cohésive.

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The completion early in the next spring of the six mile link between Alexandria and Summitville gave continuous service between Anderson and Marion. The shareholders in the old companies received the same amounts of stock in the new.

Work was not begun that year, however, and May 29, 1895, the company was reorganized and changed its name to Indianapolis, Anderson & Marion Railway company (0,000.) A loan of 0,000 was floated with Lyman & Wilgus, New York, a private right-of-way was sought in Anderson because no agreement could be made with the city lines, and in June, 1895, a small amount of work was done by the Standard Construction company of New York.

It was intended to have the Anderson-Marion section ready for operation early in 1896, and later in the same year the Anderson-Indianapolis line.

Le volet Événements offre du financement pour des événements communautaires qui favorisent au moins l’un des éléments suivants : Découvrez qui peut soumettre une demande de financement dans le cadre d’Inter-Action : volet Événements.

Le volet Projets offre du financement pour des projets à long terme et pluriannuels de développement et d’engagement communautaire, dans le but de favoriser une société intégrée et cohésive sur le plan social.

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