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Scholars disagree on whether Mormons, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS), can rightly be considered an ethnic group.

Using survey results, sociologist Armand Mauss shows that Mormons are typical Americans.

Some Mormons reported that when Young spoke to them he sounded like Smith.

These people saw this as a heavenly manifestation that Young was to be the next leader. Young led the work to complete the temple in Nauvoo and continued to give the members the ordinances he learned from Smith.

As historian Dean May explains, "The Mormons have been influenced subsequently by ritual tales of privation, wandering, and delivery under God's hand, precisely as the Jews have been influenced by their stories of the Exodus.

One of the first groups went to share the Book of Mormon with the Native Americans.

When there were more Mormons in Ohio than in New York, Smith received a revelation that the church should move west.

Although Smith and some of his closest followers practiced polygamy in Nauvoo, the church did not publicly announce the doctrine until 1852, after the Mormons moved to Utah.

Some Mormons who knew of the doctrine opposed the practice and in June 1844 published a newspaper expressing their views of Smith as a fallen prophet.

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