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This is obviously an outstanding move for the Cardinals.

Fitzgerald is 34, but he's still a terrific receiver.

It's difficult to trust him, but maybe he'll change his ways in Belichick's locker room. Follow me @walterfootball for more hiring/signing grades and updates. Thanks to Monday's Jerk of the Week for informing me about this trade, though the Eagles might be the real jerks for announcing this early Saturday morning while people are trying to sleep in!

Anyway, Alshon Jeffery signed a 1-year "prove it" deal this offseason, and the Eagles were happy enough with that they saw from him in 11 games to extend him.

If Fitzgerald suddenly regresses, which is unlikely to happen, Arizona won't be on the hook for anything beyond 2018. Follow me @walterfootball for more hiring/signing grades and updates. It's difficult to believe that the Eagles acquired Timmy Jernigan this past offseason for just a swap of third-round picks.

Think Baltimore could use Jernigan to help its run defense woes?

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He's an every-down linebacker for the Jaguars who thrives both in coverage and run support.He has 60 catches for 677 yards and three touchdowns this season despite being paired with decrepit and pedestrian quarterbacks.Fitzgerald, who is on pace for 106 receptions, would still be lethal with a talented signal-caller, though it remains to be seen if Arizona can find one this upcoming offseason. The Cardinals get to keep their best offensive player and a legendary icon without risking their future.Bill Belichick has obviously enjoyed unprecedented success with the Patriots, but his one blind spot has been signing old, troubled receivers.From Joey Galloway, to Chad Ochocinco, to Reggie Wayne, none of these guys have panned out. He may seem that way because he has been in the NFL since 2009, but he's only 29.

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