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Talking Points is about having a face-to-face chat with a social care worker and finding local community solutions to help you be independent in your own home for longer without the need for a long drawn out assessment process.Comedian Chelsea Handler promoted a fake makeup tutorial video for her Netflix show which compares White House press secretary Sarah Sanders' face to a "big, fat biscuit" that resembles a man's. Stick a beauty blender up your butt once, shame on me.Nod forward slightly—not too far, or you'll veer into double-chin territory—to create the look of a more delicate jawline and larger eyes. As powerful as body language, our skin—specifically changes in color—plays a key role in nonverbal communication.In a 2010 study monitoring the face in motion, professor Paul Matts, Ph D, who studies the psychology of beauty as a researcher with P&G Beauty, teamed up with a crew of computer scientists to map how blood distribution shifts in the face during changes in expression and emotions.She tells me to begin with natural lighting, near a window if possible—"there's no better source than the sun"—since artificial overheads can accentuate dark circles and wrinkles."Think about movies, when a criminal is being interrogated," Phan says."There's just one spotlight on the suspect, and it never looks good." Lighting from below is similarly unflattering.Making contact with adult social care can sometimes be a long and difficult process involving waiting lists, telephone calls, home visits and assessments.Talking-Points is trying to make it easier and quicker for you to see a social care worker, in person and in your local community.

I prop my laptop two feet away on an eye-level stack of magazines on my coffee table.

Make him a woman.'" The sex toy joke was followed by her applying blush and bronzer.

Feimster's completed look was nothing like Sanders' well put together look in real life.

According to multiple studies—including a 2011 paper on the influence of cosmetics on facial perception led by Nancy Etcoff, Ph D, author of —the subtle difference in tone between the color of your lips and eyes and that of the surrounding skin will make you look more attractive, more feminine, and, best of all, younger.

Unfortunately, as Phan notes, the camera washes out bright colors—such as those worn on lips and eyes—by some 20 percent, thus minimizing the contrast between eyes, lips, and skin and making makeup a must.

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