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It’s a place to shed the stories and the stuff,” says Acton.Other websites like Cancelled Weddings offer similar services, but Acton’s site stands out with a deep well of articles and allied “break-up services.” Its advice section is packaged in a card deck.Created by a former Product GM from Ok Cupid Labs and backed by 500 Startups, Whim is a dating app that eliminates endless messaging and sends users on real-life dates instead. Whim completely removes the frustration of aimless texting that characterizes existing dating apps, and replaces it with an experience that is seamless.Simply open the app to indicate when you're free and who you like.There are no dick pics, no requests for nudes before you’ve exchanged names, and no mass messages of cheesy one-liners.Like a more exclusive version of Tinder, the newly available app was crafted with a concerted effort to reduce the "creep factor" in digital romance.

In one rant she said: 'This respectable Mr Budeanu, who calls himself a journalist, is specialised in blackmailing public people, and don't only think of stars, but of politicians in the election campaign.'Miheala - presenter of Romania's Got Talent - said: 'Don't think it's from that poor magazine that barely finds its way to the kiosk and it's public - but from the extra pictures and audio or video recordings that were kept in the bag of the paparazzi.

Items currently for sale include designer wedding dresses, lots and lots of jewelry, and a DVD collection.

(DVD-seller Chelseajade, whose ex-husband cheated on her while she was on military deployment, captions the listing: “I don’t even wanna look at them, let alone watch them.”) Never Liked It Anyway was founded by Bella Acton, a marketing consultant whose business breakthrough came after her own breakup left her with two unwanted plane tickets.

“If you look at it, there’s billion in the dating space and zero dollars in the break-up space,” Acton explains to Quartz.

But more than reselling emotionally-laden goods, Acton sees a greater mission to her business.

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